Monday, January 10, 2011

The Pine Grove Hills Obsidian Source, Nevada: Not What It Seems To Be

Turns out that the Pine Grove Hills obsidian source of western central Nevada is not quite what it appears to be. More on this shortly ...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another New Nevada Obsidian Source: Pink Butte

Coming soon ... details about the new Pink Butte obsidian source located in the Ralston Valley of central Nevada.

Top 10 Obsidian Sources: Nevada

When Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Lab first began the analysis of obsidian artifacts, only a relatively small number of specimens had been characterized and our overall knowledge of the obsidian sources in the state was extremely sketchy. Since that time, the scope of archaeological research in the state has increased dramatically and we now have over 8,000 analyzed artifacts in the lab database. And so, the top 10 Nevada obsidian sources that show up in analyzed collections of artifacts are:

1. Modena (Nevada and Utah)
2. Browns Bench (Nevada, Utah, Idaho)
3. Massacre Lake/Guano Valley (Nevada and Oregon)
4. Paradise Valley
5. Obsidian Buttes (varities 1-5)
6. Tempiute Mountain
7. Bodie Hills (California)
8. Sutro Springs
9. Double H/Whitehorse (McDermitt Caldera Complex)
10. BS/PP/FM (Bordwell Spring/ Pinto Peak/Fox Mountain)